Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of K!

Lola's first day of kindergarten was one to remember.

Life with Lola is always an adventure.

She was so excited for school.

She was upbeat, positive and completely looking forward to it...

... until it was time to actually leave.

She first got a wee bit nervous (which was to be expected).

(Yep, I have no problem over-sharing our lives online, but I do draw the line at publishing the name of her school, our home address and my cell phone number on the Internet, so I'm censoring myself here. Oh, and, yes, I did make her wear a little sign/badge. I don't have a great history with school buses and she had to transfer buses to get to and fro school; call me a "helicopter" mom if you want, but it gave me piece of mind. Temporarily.)

But she was still really proud of herself, ready to go off to school.

And we were thrilled for her, so very proud of our little girl.

When it was time to leave, we all walked from our house to the bus stop and that's when things got tough.

Really tough.

Lola had a meltdown, bawling and begging us not to make her go on the bus. Ray had to physically carry her onto the bus to make her leave.

It was really hard.

And yes, a few tears were shed from Mommy too.

But, I was to see her just a little while longer.

Parents were invited to spend the first 45-60 minutes at the school to help the kindergartners ease into the classroom setting.

So I was there, waiting to greet her at the school grounds when she got off the bus.

She was just fine, as Ray kept telling me she would be.

Together, we had about 15 minutes outside, just visiting and talking through what she could expect.

She got a wee bit nervous again when it was time to line up, sans parents, for her first walk into the building.

"No more pictures, Mommy!" she said. 
Yeah, right, does she know who she's talking to? * smile *

But once we got inside and she found her cubby, her coat hook and her table, she was just fine.

She was ready.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

All of you did awesome! A major step...well done! Can't wait to hear more. Love all of you so much. Mom