Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spoiled much?

So far, after just one introductory session and one official class, putting Lola in gymnastics has been a great decision.

She came home from her first class Tuesday, after learning to hang from bars upside down and trust her body to do all sorts of things she didn't know she could, and went straight to her play set.

Before, she would swing. Then she would hang from the trapeze bar, maybe the rings, and then swing some more.It was kind of like a checklist: Play with A, then B, then maybe C, then A again.

Now, she's pushing herself, standing from the swing and trying to leap for the trapeze bar, throwing her legs on top of it and reaching for the wood that holds the playset together (that 'A' structure at the end).

Last night, she was sitting atop the wooden A, and went from there to the trapeze to the swing, all without touching the ground.

I know, a million other kids can do the same thing and it's not that noteworthy.

But for Lola, it is remarkable.

She fell many times, sometimes pretty hard. But she brushed herself off and went right back at it, knowing that she can do it, she just had to figure it out how. For Lola, who cries for a band-aid at every potential bruise, this is noteworthy.

She's trusting herself, pushing herself.

And loving it.

She and I did cartwheels yesterday.

Actually, I did a cartwheel (which I wasn't sure I could still do, haha) and then helped Lola do several of her own, showing her step by step how one can be accomplished.

She and I did somersaults and a range of different activities and stretches.

And then, because I can nag and whine and beg with the best of them, Ray spent a couple of hours in the workroom creating this...

Lola got her own balance beam.

Really, my goal was to do it this weekend. But, as it turned out, we had everything lying around the house. So, with a little bit of wood and some fabric (leftover from the headboard Ray made me a few years ago), Ray made Lola her own little balance beam.

She got to stay up a wee bit late last night to just try it out (thus the jammies in the photo), but the added bonus was that she was up, dressed and ready to go super early this morning in hopes of getting some playtime before we left for the bus stop.

Now I just have to convince Ray to make Lola her own bar...

I kid, I kid. (Mostly.)

Anyhow, Lola is doing great, learning about what it means to be strong, about what her body is capable of doing, the benefits of exercise and treating her body well.

It's been an amazing week and a half, watching her grow into this new phase of life.

What a kid.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me so much of you...can't wait to see all of you!