Monday, October 21, 2013

a true winner

Saturday was a day to remember.

It was Lola's first-ever gymnastics show, the "Olympics," and as a wee little one, she basically had a one-hour show with similarly aged gymnasts to show off their skills to family and friends through an obstacle course a few events, like the beam and "vault" (springboard, in their case).

Now I'm her mom so I'm totally and completely biased. But Lola's been doing great at gymnastics, both at home and in class. She even has been working on teaching herself to flip.

Sure, I expected a few nerves, some initial reluctance to actually perform.

I did not, however, expect that she would cry for the first 40 minutes and insist that the teacher hold her hand through each and every event.

After about 5-7 minutes of feeling disappointed, Ray and I kind of whispered about it and came to a consensus: Yes, she was the only kid out there crying, and yes, she was the only kid out there who was insisting on getting her teachers' help.

But she was out there.

It really wasn't that long ago that she would have just refused to do it at all.

This time, at least, she was doing it.

I was genuinely proud of her for fighting her way through her nerves, in whatever way she could.

As we cheered her on and let her know that we were happy with how she was doing, that we were proud of her no matter what, she slowly but surely came out of her shell.

And actually seemed to enjoy herself.

When her name was called to receive her Gold Medal, she practically ran to the podium.

We were all so proud.

And perhaps even more importantly, she was proud of herself.
- Bethany :)

P.S. As for her flips, check this out. She's getting so close!

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Anonymous said...

She did so good...she has come such a long way with her shyness. I think Disney World and the princess's helped! She is one adorable gymnist! Great flip!