Tuesday, October 1, 2013

growing up...

Bye-bye crib.

Hello big-girl bed!

This past weekend, I casually mentioned to Ray that we should probably begin thinking about transitioning Millie to a toddler bed.

That somehow turned into a decision to, that night, deconstruct the crib.

She was not exactly thrilled at first. She whimpered.

But big sisters are fantastic at showing little sisters how to jump on mattresses.

And once Millie figured she could get on (and off of) her bed at her own leisure, she was thrilled.

That first night (Saturday), she was less than excited about actually sleeping there. She cried. A lot.

But I found her like this Sunday morning...

... and all was well.

Next up: potty-training.

(Some day...)

What a sweetheart.

Two sweethearts.

(She asked for "hoops" in her pigtails. I still don't know what she meant, 
but figured I'd just loop them through so they seemed shorter? No idea...)

- Bethany :)

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