Monday, October 7, 2013

life lessons

(Also titled, Random thoughts from Bethany...)

5.  I'm 33 years old. I'm not 23, and I really need to remember that, lest I pull another muscle teaching Lola how to do cartwheels in the backyard. That said, I'm 33 years old and still capable of actually doing cartwheels. That's worth something, right?

4. I taught Lola yesterday how to do a backwards flip on the trapeze bar on the playset. (Which meant I, myself, had to do one -- see above.) Anyhow, it took Lola about 30 attempts to gain enough confidence to do it on her own, but she got there. The first time she did it, she even shocked herself a bit. She was so proud. And so was I.

3. While Lola and I were at Sunday School, Ray was picking up the house and making dinner; while Ray mowed that afternoon, I played with the girls; that night, while Ray washed the girls' hair, I cleaned the house; while I gave them baths, he got the laundry done; while the girls played in the tub, I scrubbed the bathroom and he did the dishes. Life is much easier when we're all in it together.

2. Small miracles will lead to big ones. Millie is talking again. It's hard to explain, unless you see the differences from day to day, but about a month ago, give or take, she started babbling a lot. Then, a couple of weeks ago, she began tossing out a few very random words (one at a time, every 3-4 days). This weekend, we heard a whole bunch. And this morning, she handed a ball to her therapist and said, "Here, ball." Clear as day.

1. I got the answer I was hoping for in regards to Millie's kidneys. Nothing to worry about. It's something to monitor perhaps, but the geneticist does not find her lack of kidney growth alarming.  So no pediatric nephrologist at this point. I suggested that we just do another ultrasound in six months and the geneticist said we should just wait a year, that we have to give enough time for Millie herself to grow before we can expect too much kidney growth.

Lots of good news here.

Lots of celebrations.

Lots of laughs.

What more could you want?
- Bethany :)

P.S. I ordered Christmas cards this past weekend. And purchased our first two Christmas gifts. Both on Oct. 5, my earliest start ever to the holiday season. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Great news all around!

Marie said...

I cried and smiled as I read this blog. Jesus said a Lille child will lead them.........Millie?

You are such a talented writer . I think you should pull those blog entries into a book. I'll order 4 copies.

Bless you. You are an amazing writer, mother, and woman. Keep doing those somersaults!

Marie Peterson