Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Princess pumpkins!

So it's the first Halloween after your first family trip to Disney World and your older daughter is dead-set on dressing up as Cinderella Getting Married for trick-or-treating.

What do you carve in your pumpkins?

Princesses of course!

Sunday afternoon, without a Vikings game dictating our schedule, Lola (at my urging) suggested to Ray that we carve pumpkins. We previously had made a spur-of-the-moment princess-pumpkin-carving set purchase and had already gotten a few pumpkins, so we were ready to go, whenever he was ready to do the work (because, yeah, this Mommy really doesn't like to get her hands dirty with those icky pumpkin guts).

Honestly, I don't know how unlike me Lola really was in this regard.

At first, she dove right in.

But she was soon asking for a washcloth.

Nonetheless, she stuck with it and helped Ray as they hollowed out our three pumpkins.

Originally, it had been our plan to carve just two pumpkins, one for each girl, and then have the pair of them paint their own pumpkin while Ray did the carving.

Lola, however, did not like that idea at all, insisting that she get to do the carving.

Meanwhile, Millie was just content to be a part of it all.

Though she soon got bored and had a snack. And a washcloth to play with.

But that didn't last long either and I had to break out the paints.

Meanwhile, Ray and Lola moved on to the next step, where you take the Princess pattern, tape it to the pumpkin and poke tiny dots along the lines to give you the outline.

Lola, our super-colorer, was a natural.

She was very good at it, patient (for the most part) and precise.

 Ray then did the sawing...

... and ...

We had our first Princess pumpkin.

Princess Tiana.

By the end, we had Princess Tiana, Princess Aurora and, of course, Cinderella and her Castle (chosen in honor of our Disney visit).

I think they turned out wonderfully.

Happy (early) Halloween.
- Bethany :)

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