Wednesday, November 6, 2013

language barriers

Millie's still doing great. She's developing quite well and has definitely hit the Terrible 2s, judging from the more-frequent screaming fits she offers few days.

But they're compounded more so than the tantrums Lola would throw because while Millie is both terrible-two-ing she also is extremely frustrated, frustrated that we don't always understand what she's trying to say.

Case in point: car rides. When Lola was attending daycare regularly, I'd pick up the girls and Lola and I would chat about her day while on the way home. Well, understandably so, Millie began to get really annoyed because I wasn't talking to her.

So I began talking to Millie and Lola would watch her answer (through sign language) and be our miniature interpreter. It was super cute.

Well, now I'm kind of screwed because Lola isn't going to daycare anymore. Ray's wintertime schedule means he can meet her bus after school and save the costs for after-school care and, bonus!, Lola gets one-on-one time to work on her school lessons.

So I'm now alone in the car with Millie on the way home from daycare, but she's gotten used to being able to "talk" with me, to tell me about her day.

It isn't working so well on our own. Because, to "talk" with Millie, I need to actually see her hands and with her sitting behind me, that would mean I'm not exactly watching the road. Forget texting while driving, my problem is sign-languaging while driving.

So now, I've been basically trying to purposely hit every red light so I can have a few seconds to converse with my 2-year-old. Meanwhile, I'm working to try to teach her that I just can't talk with her this way in the car when we're alone.

But I feel really bad about it...

That said, yesterday was really rather funny.

We were signing back and forth (at red lights, I swear!) and I was saying Mommy and Millie are friends, and she would say it back, Millie and Mommy and friends.

And we did that for Lola and Millie, Daddy and Millie, Daddy and Lola, etc.

But then I said Mommy and Daddy are friends.

And she laughed hysterically, shaking her head no, no, no.


So I tried it again.

Same result.

We did this about four times and she never agreed with me.

Ray tried it himself later that evening, once we were home, and again Millie rejected the premise.

So maybe Ray and I aren't quite as in sync as we thought?!

It makes me laugh.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Love all of you....hard stuff, but you are doing amazing with it all!