Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life with Lola

This is it.

I think, easily, this latest stage of Lola's life has been my favorite. She's old enough to have real conversations, debates and, yes, some arguments too. She's maturing to the point where she is understanding that there is a reason why Mommy asks her to do the things she does.

She is learning to read quite well. She isn't completely reading on her own, but she reads select words from each page and is writing out a variety of words without help. She's doing amazing.

Halloween marked the end of the first session of gymnastics. When we went to sign her up for the second session, we were asked to sign her up for the next stage, the more advanced class for her age group.

It was rather cute, on Tuesday, when Ray took her to her first gymnastics class in this setting. He's been out of town a lot lately so he hasn't taken her to a class before. And while he believes me when I tell him that she's doing well and everything, it's entirely different to see it firsthand. I got several texts that evening from Ray, amazed at how she is doing both socially and physically.

But more than that, it's her heart we love the most. Lola is the sweetest, kindest little girl, not a mean bone in her entire body.

We had her first parent-teacher conferences this week. She told us (student-led conferences) that her strength in school is using kind words and being nice to everyone.

When it came time to choose, on her own, one of the school's principles to focus on for a longer-term project, Lola chose diversity and inclusivity, "Because everyone should feel welcome," she explained.(Insert teary eyes here.)

One of the areas we wanted to ask her teacher about was about her socialization, her apparent anxiety, from public performances to playing with the neighbor kid down the street, the kid can be afraid of her own shadow.

So while I was distracting Lola, Ray talked to the teacher about her shyness. And she looked at him like he was from Mars. No, she's never seen any problems or concerns with Lola socially or anything. There was one time that she was to be paired with an older boy student, but Lola was not comfortable with that so she was paired with a girl instead. But the instances Ray mentioned, those are apparently unique to situations outside of school.

So that's awesome.

All in all, she is right at or ahead of where she's supposed to be and she is flourishing in school.

We're very proud.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Great job Lola! She is such a sweetheart - in so many ways. She makes Grandma's heart melt. Awesome job to all of you!