Thursday, November 21, 2013

open wide!

The girls visited the dentist yesterday!

Now, I opening admit we are way, way, way behind in getting Lola (and Millie too) to the dentist. I mean these guys recommend a first visit by at least age 1, preferably right after the first tooth appears.

That said, we obviously didn't do that, due to a combination of laziness, stubbornness, and, well, fear.

Lola freaks out at every little thing and just bringing her for a regular well-child visit at the doctor is an ordeal. So I told Ray a while back that he can bring her (and Millie) when he is able to. I handle basically all of the medical appointments and such and I just didn't want to handle this one too.

And he understood (or at least said he did).

Well, thanks to a slower work schedule this time of year, yesterday was the day.

We've been working with Lola on a few methods to tone down the meltdowns at things like this, when she freaks out about the prospect of what might happen instead of just controlling what she can control, so we gave her a clear description several days ago about what would be happening and, more importantly, what we expect of her (she can be scared, she can be afraid but she could not scream and break down).

But, really, she cried a lot on Sunday, as the week approached and cried a lot on Wednesday, begging to go to school (!!!) so she wouldn't have to go to the dentist.

Now Ray set the appointment himself and it happened to be at a time when I was on assignment for work so he, really, was on his own.

I got a few texts... as they were checking in,  double-checking with me Millie's prescription info, etc.

And then I went into my work appointment.

My cell rang almost as soon as I got back to the car.

I braced, preparing for a frustrated, overwrought Ray.

But, no, he was giddy, happy, proud.

Lola did great, he told me. I had said previously that if she just sat in the chair I'd be happy. Well, she did everything that was asked of her - including the cleaning! - and didn't cry at all. She wasperfectly behaved.

Now, for many families, this is to be expected. For us, this is huge. We are incredibly proud and told her so. Many times.

Millie, well, she was less than excited. And cried some, yes. But she's 2 so that's to be expected.

The verdict? Eveyone's teeth looked clean and no cavities.

Lola's teeth are a wee bit crowded at the bottom (just like her mommy's) so braces will likely be in her future. Millie, though, seems to have plenty of room.

(The most amazing part of these pictures? That they simply exist. I'd asked Ray to get some photos and he looked at me like I was from Mars, saying that it would be hard enough to get the girls to cooperate much less get some images. But he did it. And I am very appreciate that he did so. He's really not big into the picture-taking thing. But he did it for me. And that makes me super happy.)

I'm kind of sad I missed it now, in retrospect.

We've been blessed with two amazing daughters...
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great pics too Ray!