Friday, November 8, 2013


A picture-driven post on a variety of topics...


One of the (many) things I will remember from these days is Millie's bedtime routine.

She walks herself to her bedroom and waits patiently as I kick the dog out of the room, dim the lights and turn on the noise machine.

She reaches up and I lift her to my left hip. She wraps her legs around my waist and settles in against my side.

She smiles and immediately lays her head, resting her cheek on my left shoulder.

I tilt my head, resting my own cheek atop her head.

And I sing.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

One time through, gently swaying, side to side, rubbing her back all so gently.

At the end of the lullaby, I pause and, without looking at me or lifting her head, she raises each of her index fingers, One more time, Mommy, just one more time.

And again, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

A little softer, a tad slower.

Then, I set her down on her feet and she walks to her bed. She crawls up and I tuck her in.

Good night, Angel girl.


Our kids have rarely been exposed to computer games.

YouTube, sure, TV, you betcha'.

But I never really loved letting Lola pound away on the laptop.

Now, though, in the last week or so, we've begun introducing the computer to her a bit more, allowing her to play some the PBS Kids games, just a bit at a time.

And, of course, Millie's got to be included as well.

Because anything Lola can do, so can Millie.

Just ask her. Ha.

Sisters. They're great.



Her blanket is attached to her fingers these days.

Just like Lola, when she had to similarly have her own special blanket with her at this same age, Millie is not happy unless her blanket is by her side.

She seems to understand it doesn't go in the kitchen or bathtub, but everywhere else, it comes along.


She also loves socks.

Or, rather, hates them.

Really, it's hard to tell.

Her most favorite activity is to pull off her shoes and socks ... and then put a sock on her left hand.

Daycare asks me all the time, "Do you guys play puppets a lot at home?"

Um, no.

But she is happiest with she has a sock on her hand, her Cuddles at her side, and her family surrounding her in the same room.

We can't disagree with that. We love it the best when we're all together too.

Happy times.
- Bethany :)

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