Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lola's great day!

Some days you just don't forget.

For Lola, yesterday was probably one of them.

First, she didn't have school (again, due to the cold) so she and Millie spent the day at home with Ray. And that's always fun, getting one-on-one time, playing board games, reading books.

Then, when I got home from work, it was time for her and Ray to head to gymnastics. She's been in gymnastics now, twice a week, since the beginning of the school year and it truly has helped her build self-confidence, develop pride in herself, and respect for what her body can do.

It has been great. OK, it's had its bumps along the way, but she seems to be over the performance anxiety.

At her last show, she did much, much better. No tears - but, more importantly, she was having fun:

Well, this is the last week of this session, or testing week. After her first session in the fall, she moved up to her current level. So I wasn't expecting that she'd move up again.

But she barely got her foot in the house when she came home from class.

"Mommy! Mommy! I'm a Superbee!"

She passed her test; she was invited to join the invitation-only team for her age.

So, yeah, she's only 5 and it's not like they're doing back handsprings or anything. But her new class will now be in the "big" gym, not the toddler area. And it's more intense, an hour long.

She was beaming.

So very proud of herself.

After dinner, as we got ready for bed, it was time for her reading session. She's a great kid and she's learning so very much. But she's had a little self-doubt on reading. She's doing great and she can read many, many words, but she is getting frustrated super easily and wanting to quit, or avoid it all together.

So I've been trying some new strategies and making it totally fun instead of "work" all of the time.

Well, last night, she read a whole book to me. With a little help, yes. But a whole book.

She was so happy.

She ran into the living room to tell Ray and told me, again this morning, "Mommy I can really read now!"

And she can.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

ok...I have watched this now at least 10 it! Such a doll and so happy!