Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Millie day...

Before we moved into the house, life in many ways was much simpler.

We had just one kid, two pet geckos who were quite self-sufficient,and an apartment with landlords who took care of the garbage, snow and landscaping needs.

Because we lived about 15 miles from town, I would not often work split-shifts, meaning that if I had to cover a meeting at night (which back then was quite likely), I wouldn't go in until 2 or sometimes 3 p.m.

While I missed Ray (obviously), it gave me a lot of one-on-one time with a young(er) Lola in the mornings. We spent countless hours on the floor, building block towers and reading countless books.

Fast-forward five years, add in another kid, a cat, a dog, a house and a bunch of other random things, and things are much busier.

And I don't get nearly as much one-on-one time with my younger daughter.

On Wednesday last week, I decided to change that.

I took the day off. For no real big reason other than she needed to get her stitches out (more on that later) and I didn't really want to do the back-and-forth thing between home, work, daycare, and the dr. office. And, really, I have a healthy amount of PTO right now. Or I did, until she got sick this past weekend.

It was a great day. Everything was all about Millie and what she wanted to do. Which in our world is more of a rarity than we'd like to admit.She's the more easy-going daughter so Lola generally tends to dictate the bulk of our activities.

But not Wednesday. Then, we did whatever she wanted; she wanted to read books, we read books. LOTS of freaking books. I'm not exaggerating when I say that if I read one, I read forty-seven. She loves books. She wakes up signing for book time, she sees me at daycare and carries to me a book, she goes to bed begging for just "one more" (although now that she's learned just recently how to make "two" fingers, she is now signing for just "two more" instead.)

The only time I "forced" her to do something was when I decided to start baking so I brought her with me in the kitchen to be my little helper.

I knew I needed something for Thursday morning breakfasts and Millie hasn't had her most favorite muffins (snickerdoodle) in a few weeks.

She honestly started clapping and making "num" noises as soon as I placed one in front of her.

What a cutie.

She also played in a box for a while...

... organized some goldfish crackers...

... and tried on a hat.

We had a good ol' time.

It also was a chance to get her acclimated a bit to her new room set up.

See that pink chair on the left? She got it as a gift for Christmas and it prompted the room rearrangement. Because of course Amelia's chair must be in Amelia's bedroom. It is now her favorite reading spot.

So blessed, she is.

We all are.
- Bethany :)

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