Monday, February 3, 2014

Millie's ouchie...

Millie got her first (?) set of stitches Saturday morning.

It was Ray's turn to sleep in so I had woken up with the girls. We spent that first hour in the kitchen, just talking and eating breakfast together.

Everyone was happily chattering away. The girls and I were debating what we wanted to do on this "family day" (weekend day), with Lola quickly nixing any plans to go to the library for storytime.

"I don't want to leave the house ever," she insisted, sweetly asking instead if she could wear a Princess dress and play in her bedroom.

She's a smart one, that Lola. She saw me toiling over the grocery list the night before and the list almost spilled over to a second page. Since going grocery shopping ranks right up there with getting shots in Lola's view, she was ahead of the game, quick to make it well known that she would not be going with to get groceries.

Anyhow, I chuckled at that and figured that if we weren't going to go out -- which was fine by me! Ray could do the shopping later on his own... -- we could make a little mess here at home.

So I suggested the girls paint. A favorite pastime we don't do often enough.

So we got it all set up, with Millie on one side of the table and Lola on the other.

Both were having a great time. Millie, of course, took it a wee bit too far as she started painting her fingers and then the walls, but I got her mostly cleaned up and under control.

Later, as we were cleaning up, Millie started running back and forth on her bench -- the kids' side of the table -- ignoring my warnings to stop, and, yeah, you can guess where this is going....

... she slipped and hit her face on the edge of the kitchen counter.

Just as Ray turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.

Millie was shrieking and crying ... and bleeding. Lots of bleeding.

Five minutes of chaos ended with Ray getting Millie cleaned up enough to take her to urgent care.

An hour or so later and Millie came home with two stitches beneath her lower lip.

Yeah, she looks pretty miserable.

But she wasn't. She was just hungry at that moment, having come home expecting her lunch to be immediately served.

Really, she was a trooper and hardly cried at all. Ray said the dr. was incredibly impressed by her tough-ness and overall cooperative attitude.

She has yet to really pull at them or play with them or do anything with them. So they to be a non-issue which is great.

But I still feel sad for her.

Poor baby.

We got in Wednesday to have them removed...
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Little sweetie....Love her so much!