Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a recap...

So Millie had another mini barrage of appointments earlier this week.

Wanna' know how they turned out?  ;)

The verdict: Millie's kidneys are growing and are withing normal ranges.



We did our appointments with no problems, other than an unusually crabby Millie. She underwent her renal ultrasound Monday morning and then we met with a rep. to get some more training and info on how best to use her new talker.

On Tuesday, we met with the neurologist.

It's funny. We weren't worried. Or overly worried. But when we don't worry, that makes us nervous. Every time we're not worried is when we've gotten the wind knocked out of us (e.g. her first MRI, her swallow study, etc.).

So we went into the appt. both calm and yet not so calm.

Happily, the nurse told us, even before the dr. came in, that everything looked quite good.

So, yes, Millie's kidneys are growing and are within normal ranges.

She is on the smaller side of normal, which is to be expected, but they're all good.

We talked about a range of things, from her current therapies to recent progressions to challenges, but everything was positive and rosy.

Happy dances...

We also began the discussion about how, or when, or if, we should take a look at taking her off her seizure medications. She hasn't had a seizure in quite some time and we'd like to see if she could be medication-free at some point.

Yes, it could be the meds that are keeping the seizures are bay, but it could also be that she's grown out of it and has overcome them too.


Come November, we will go in for a regular ol' EEG (not a 48-hour one) and then begin the steps to take her off her meds.


We're excited. Cautiously optimistic.

A lot can change in eight months of course, but to know that she is progressing as well as she is that the dr. herself is comfortable with the idea, it's just awesome.

We're feeling good.

- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

Thrilled for Millie! She is so awesome! Love that wiggle walk and everything about her! Can't wait for another big running Millie hug!

David Evans said...

:) that is as big a smile as I can put on here but it is nowhere as big as the real one!!!