Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just because.

... because sometimes you need to just let them make a mess.

Or, really, sometimes you need them to just entertain themselves for three whole minutes.

* smile *

Actually, we've been trying to do more of this, what they call "food play" in her therapy circles. Millie has long, very long, had aversions to certain textures. There are some things she simply won't try to eat and some things she'll taste but not eat.

For instance, fruits. Real whole fruits. We've been on a fresh food kick again recently (which is a good thing) and she's really loving the cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, etc. But she doesn't really eat it. She sucks on it, til all the juices are gone, and then, if you're lucky, spits it out into your hand. Otherwise, she pockets the leftovers in her cheek, sometimes for an hour, until she starts gagging or choking. Of course, on occasion, she'll accidentally swallow it.

It makes for fun times at home, constantly watching to see if she's going to choke...

But, really, it's great that's she's trying it. It's a real win.

Yet, there are certain foods she won't even try, dry crunchy things like granola, nuts or cookies.

So, we've been doing more food play, like letting her smear Cool Whip all over the table and "drawing" in it with crunchy breadsticks or granola bars. We'll hide little toys or animals inside and she'll try to unearth them.

The above photo, though, was more or less driven by necessity. I was trying to cook and had just opened a container of yogurt when Millie flipped out because she wanted it. So I gave her a dollop in a bowl as she also happily discovered the empty egg carton. It kept her occupied for a few moments so I gave her a few things of sprinkles too.

She had a blast.

And I finished making my muffins.

A real win-win.
- Bethany :)

P.S. Yesterday's preschool meeting was great. It sounds like it is going to work out quite nicely. We'll go back in early April to actually register her. But we're excited and Millie absolutely loved being there.

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