Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lola the gymnast!

Lola had her first gymnastics "meet" on Saturday. The gymnasts went through each event and did their routines (with coaching). They were then scored by judges, so everyone who scored over 9.0 would get a blue ribbon, 8.0 a red (which was actually pink because they were out of red), 7.0 a white, and so on.

Lola was in the youngest group, of course. And once we realized it was a "meet" and not a simply show, or demonstration of what they've been learning, I didn't know how she'd do.

 Here's how the day went...

1. Begin stretching.

For Lola, that translated into looking around, confused and overwhelmed, as everyone else gets on the floor and stretches. But we were happy she was on her own down there, and not too scared. I mean, really, she wasn't crying or begging me to stay with her. So this was a good start.

Eventually, she sat down and made a few half-hearted attempts at stretching.

2. Warm up.

I take this as the kids were asked to line up...

And then jump...

 Lola always gives it 110 percent.

Afterward, Lola looks a bit bashful, almost like, "Oh my, did I do that in front of everyone?" I love this expression.
 3. Then it's time to get things going. And Lola gets excited...

She spots us cheering her on from upstairs, "Hi Mommy!"

Millie gets excited because she saw Lola and Lola saw her!

Hi Sissy!

That's my sister!


4. Lola's group heads to their first event, the vault.

Lola starts to get nervous...

Now, the vault is something she's never really done before, that I'd seen anyway (though I'm sure they work on it in class). She does the little springboard, but I'd never seen her to do the full, big one. Every time I've suggested it, she shakes her head and moves away.

But on Saturday, she was first, and she flew.

 Right up to the top.

She immediately earned her first ribbon, a pink.

She was very happy. Very proud of herself.


5. Then it was time for the beam. Considering that she has her beam in the living room, you'd think this would be her favorite or best event, but it's not. She gets really nervous on the "big" beam, so far off the floor.

But she got up...

And then came down...
(Look at her feet, they're actually not touching the beam, she is just beginning to topple.)

She earned a white ribbon.
6. Then it was time for the bars. Her favorite event.

And, like we knew she would, she shined.

Another pink ribbon.

7. The floor was last.

This is one I never know what to expect. She does well in somersaulting and her jumps, but she has struggled at cartwheels. Plus, this event is directly in front of the whole crowd of people who came to watch their kids  perform.

So I didn't know how she'd do.

I didn't take pictures. I snuck down and videotaped it instead. (More on this later, the video apparently is not working. )

Anyhow, she did wonderfully! Her cartwheel was awesome.

She earned another pink ribbon as her meet came to a close.

Afterward, she was walking on air, so incredibly proud of herself.

 Our little star.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Love this whole story! Great pics! Can't wait to see her in person!