Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We are in limbo.

There are two early special-ed programs for children who are not yet school aged. The first, which Millie is currently in, benefits those from birth to age 3 (or just under, actually). Once the child turns 3, s/he is re-evaluated to see if s/he will receive center-based care (like a preschool setting).

Millie, barring any extraordinary developments, will continue to receive speech therapy into next year but we do not yet know whether she will qualify for center-based care. We're supposed to learn more later on, probably in May.

It's difficult for me to understand this. I try. I do. But the kid doesn't talk.

OK, she kind of talks. She says four phrases/words consistently: mama, dada, all done, and "bub-bub"  (which could either be bye-bye or bubbles, depending on the circumstances).

She is capable of talking -- just last week she said blue ("boo"), yellow ("yah-o") and purple ("pup") -- but it's never consistent.

So here we are, trying to lay the foundations for what will hopefully become her education, teaching her colors, letters, shapes, etc., but it's all a struggle. I mean, how do I know if she's understanding that "M" makes the "mmmm" song if I can't hear her do it?

Well, we've come to the proverbial fork in the road.

We won't know until May whether she qualifies for center-based care.

Meanwhile, the preschool Lola attended (at age 4) does offer a 3-year-old program, but the deadline to sign up is in April.

You do the math. The timing doesn't work.

So, after sending a few emails, we've come to today.

This afternoon, Ray and I (and Millie) will be meeting with Lola's former preschool teacher, who would be teaching Millie's 3-year-old program, if we sign her up. We'll be showing off what Millie is capable of doing and demonstrating the ways we've identified to best communicate with her.

We'll find out whether it all seems to be a good fit for everyone.

I see us moving forward with this preschool regardless of what happens with the district. Because even if she does get some kind of center-based services, more classroom time can't hurt. Every little bit helps, or could help...

I'm more anxious about the meeting than I expected to be, though I'm not sure why. We know the teacher fairly well, she's excited and enthusiastic, willing to try most anything.

Maybe it's because it's all coming up again, another renal ultrasound next Monday, a neurology visit on Tuesday. Nothing special, nothing of too much concern (that we know of).

Or maybe I'm just in a funk.

More to come.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so awesome. Hope and pray next week tests have no surprises. Love you so much.