Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a Princess tea party

A few months ago, I saw an ad for this:
Honestly, OK, it was a wee bit more than we'd usually pay, but since it was a fun event that would actually be happening here, in our town, and because the Anna and Elsa would be there, we figured, Hey, why not? It gives us something to entertain the girls during this never-ending winter...

So a few weeks ago, we dressed up two little Princesses and went to have tea with the Princesses...

Of course, they needed their Prince...
Who was, um, perhaps, maybe, the only guy there. Sorry, Babe.

And we found our seats...

And waited as they introduced the Princesses, one by one.

Lola was ecstatic.

The highlight for her, of course, was seeing Anna and Elsa. Because, you know, if we watch Frozen once a week, it's really closer to, I don't know, twelve times maybe. I mean, Millie has made up sign language for each character and her favorite parts, so we know exactly where she wants the movie to start every single time. (Yeah, our kids aren't spoiled...)

But you know, it's one thing to see the Princesses and be excited.

We had no idea how Millie would actually react to having to get close to them...
Um, yeah. They were best friends. The hardest part ended up having to hold her back and wait her turn behind other little girls...

But they got their meet-and-greets in and got lots of Princess hugs.

And then something not completely unexpected happened.

Millie loves Ariel. She does. She was her first preferred Princess, though she has since become more captivated by the Frozen sisters.

Or so I thought.

We had to go clockwise around the room to meet the Princesses and Ariel was, well, close if we would have gone counter-clockwise. And the whole time Millie was trying to run back to see her.

But then, finally, it was her turn.

Can you tell how happy she was? She was beaming.

Once the round-the-room tour was over, it was time to have some food and visit with a special guest. Each table got one Princess and while we knew who'd we requested, Lola wasn't quite quick enough to notice that our table was decorated in snowflakes...

But she saw who was getting closer to our table...

And was thrilled.

Of course, once Elsa actually sat down, the kids got shy and didn't have anything to talk about. I prodded a few questions from Lola here and eventually she warmed up. A little.

Millie, though, well, she just kept trying to run to Ariel's table.

At one point she asked if she could see Elsa, so I let her do that, but she basically took it as an opportunity to bolt for Ariel's table instead.

Soon enough, though, snack time was over and it was time to dance.

The girls were supposed to go gather in circles and hold hands and dance.

Millie, well, she just wanted Ariel all to herself for a minute or two.

But then Ariel (thankfully) convinced her to dance with the other kids.

It was a great afternoon and the girls had a terrific time.

My one mistake happened just after this:
Lola had run to Tinkerbell to say goodbye as the Princesses left the event. And Tinkerbell gave Lola a little bit of pixie dust. She warned her that the pixie dust wouldn't work here though, that she wouldn't actually be able to fly.

As we walked away and tried to grab coats, mittens, etc., I wa s abit distracted as Lola aske dme where the pixie dust would work and I instinctively said, Pixie Hollow.

Well, Lola already equates Pixie Hollow with Disney World.

So in her eyes, the Pixie Dust is going to work whenever we do go back...

And she has clutched that darn "Pixie Dust" so tightly ever since, swearing she isn't going to lose it "ever ever never" until she is able to fly just like Tinkerbell.

Oh joy.
- Bethany :)

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I just saw this post! Love it! Love it! Could read this over and over again..what an awesome day!