Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Lola has come a long ways since the beginning of the school year. She's less shy, more open to trying new things and has become Miss Chatterbox with her friends and classmates.

But she still hates to be in front of large groups.

We went and saw a play the other day and she loved it, just sat entranced by the whole experience, especially since she knew several of the kids on stage. I asked her innocently enough afterward if she would ever want to do that herself - be on stage - and she gave me a very emphatic NO.

At church, depending on the season and tone, the kids are usually invited to come up to the alter twice: once for the children's lesson and, then, at the end, to make music and wave fun things, like ribbons. Lola has refused to do either, unless I go with her.

This past Sunday marked Palm Sunday.

As we walked into the sanctuary, we all received our palms. And s we sat down, the service opened with the pastors immediately inviting the children to the altar, to wave their palms and sing.

I didn't even have time to turn and ask Lola if she wanted to go.

She was already off, half-running down the aisle. I barely had time to gently push Millie on to follow her sister.

And Ray and I sat holding hands in the pew as we watched Lola and Millie join with the other kids and choir members as they paraded around the sanctuary waving palms and singing.

Lola was never scared, just happily waved at us from time to time. And Millie was happy, as usual, grinning and doing her half-run, half-stomp throughout the church.

Millie wouldn't wave the palm, and in fact wouldn't even hold it. Instead, she gave it to Lola. Then, an adult would see the one little girl among many who didn't have her own palm so they would offer theirs. Millie would gladly accept it, only to hand it off to Lola, who eventually came back to our pew with several palms.

It was pretty funny.

But more than that, it was pretty special.

As they finished their parade, Millie joined Ray and me. Meanwhile, Lola kept on walking to the altar, took a spot on the choir risers and joined with the other kids as they sang.

I was flabbergasted. And so proud of her.

Church was, hands-down, my favorite part of the whole weekend.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Fun growing up moments.