Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'teaching' ASL

Every now and then we get the question as to how we go about teaching sign language to Millie.

The answer? We don't, not as much as you'd think anymore. We don't teach as much as reinforce what others have taught her.

Her therapists mainly have been the ones teaching her and educating her on the signs, then Ray and I scramble through various books, online sites, and flashcards to keep up.

Honestly, Millie knows more than we do. As does Lola, who is great at being our interpreter.

Millie just beams when someone talks to her in "her" language. She loves to see other people communicating this way and to know she isn't alone. Especially when it is another little kid.

A few weeks ago, a therapist lent us a DVD, which has more or less been playing non-stop in the car recently. Millie just loves it.

Here she is practicing her signs (and if you hang in there 'til the very end, there is an extra-special bonus at the end, but maybe that's because I'm biased...):

Happy Wednesday.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

I could watch her all day! Love her so much..