Thursday, April 10, 2014


This morning I was advised to turn my back to Millie, to ignore her on occasion.

It would be done with great love, good intentions.

Let me explain.

Millie used to be somewhat forgettable, easily overlooked. She was  quiet and so easy-going, content to just be along for the ride and never insistent on being the focal point of life.

Yeah, not so much anymore.

And good for her!

Now, she is very insistent. She's a true Mommy's girl, more so than Lola ever was. She wants to be with me and have my attention 24/7. She hates when I leave her at daycare or when I turn my back to her to focus on someone, or something, else (like, you know, dinner).

Well, she used to just sign "Mommy," "Mommy, "Mommy," over and over again, to get your attention.

Then she started signing "Mommy" and patting the spot next to her o the couch, saying "Mommy, come here and sit with me. I'll watch TV and be quiet for 5 minutes, but only if you're right next to me."

Then, because when my back is turned I can't hear her, she started grunting a bit and making verbal noises to get my attention.

But, as it happens, I got used to that too and wasn't so attentive.

A few weeks ago, then, it came.


Now that got my attention.

Now it's frequent: "Mom!" "Dad!"

It's music to our ears.

It's been happening now for several weeks so it's not so news-worthy. But what happened Monday was.

It was me, Lola and Millie. And I can only do so much with two hands. So I'd asked Lola to keep an eye on Millie while I was trying to get everyone shuffled out of the daycare.

But Lola wasn't cooperating and wasn't paying attention to her sister, which of course made Millie sad.

She was signing for Lola, making noises, but no reaction came.

So then...

"Lola!" Millie said, fairly emphatically. It was more like "la-la" but it was clear.

And it sure got Lola's attention, as it did mine.

We haven't heard it since, and we likely won't again for a few weeks. That seems to be how it goes with Millie, she says something once but not again for a while.

But we know she said it.

We heard her say it.

So the advice was, Perhaps if she's more vocal when you aren't paying attention ... pay less attention on occasion. Make it into a game.

And I'm willing to try it, as long as it is benefiting her and not upsetting her of course.

Everything is worth a shot...


I leave you now with a funny story.

One of Millie's PT goals is to ride a trike this summer. But she's destined to fail. Because she won't even sit on one, much less pedal. They've brought it out at her PT appointments a few times, and actually had some success earlier this week just pushing her around on it, but she doesn't like it.

This past weekend, we learned why.

We took out Lola's bike. The one with training wheels.

And Millie flipped out. She wanted to ride the big-girl bike.

Lola, who is now much too tall for that little bike, was more than happy to let her sister sit atop it. And then it became a game as Lola pushed her around.

Fun times.

We're all so excited for spring.
- Bethany :)

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GO Milie GO!