Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So I could tell you all about my crappy week, all about broken bathrooms and flooded basements.

But I'd rather just stick my head in the sand for tonight and, instead, look back on a much happier time: Easter.

I never got around to posting pictures from Easter because of our impromptu Chicago trip, which was quickly followed by our veterinary visits, work, school, therapies, and new evaluations.

Better late than never, right?

Easter was simply wonderful. I honestly can't recall a better family experience in recent memory.

Millie has been obsessed with colors lately so the idea of putting colors in cups blew her mind.

Then, when she soon learned we were coloring eggs, she went absolutely nuts. (Seriously, I bought a few egg dye kits on clearance and I'm debating whether to break them out this summer just for the fun of it all...)

Here she is asking, with her index finger, "One more time, Mommy. One more time." (And at this point, I was only dissolving the color tablets...)

Here she is signing, "Orange." Her most favorite color.

Once we got the first batch of eggs into the cups, we let them sit for a while, to get them really vibrant.

It was the perfect time to start my other project.

I very much wanted to do something with the girls that was kid-friendly but would also focus on and further reinforce the Easter story to them. Thankfully, Ray was more than happy to put it all together, with the girls' "help" of course...

(Note: I take zero credit for coming up with this idea. I found it online here.)

We decided to leave the tomb closed, as we made this on Good Friday. We agreed to open the tomb Easter Sunday, when we returned home from my dad's...

Then, with Calvary all set to go, it was time to get back to the eggs.

Here, Millie is signing "color" -- it's not the "true" ASL sign though. She made this up on her own at one point several months ago and I'm all for encouraging her to find her own voice, so to speak, so we go with it.

Here, she is just beaming with Ray. Such a special energy these two have together, it just melts my heart...

I love this photo (above). You can almost hear her saying, "Be careful Daddy. Careful Daddy! That's my egg!" The awe of childhood.

Easter weekend was spent at my dad's place, where we went into town and took part in the local egg hunt.

First, the girls won a few small trinkets...

Then they won some big prizes! They both won new bikes!

Lola, of course, insisted the training wheels come off and got to work...

She obviously has yet to master the two-wheel thing. But she's getting awful close.

We had the traditional egg hunt Sunday...

And then we went home, where we knew we had one more special job awaiting us. 

Happy (much belated) Easter.
- Bethany

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