Tuesday, May 6, 2014

quick hits...

Sigh. I'm so behind.

I can't possibly adequately cover everything that's happened in the last 2-3 weeks so here's a few bullet points to catch you up, in case you're wondering what's been happening.

1.  Easter was beautiful and wonderful. Both girls won bikes at a local egg hunt. Which was quite funny and very exciting. The girls loved Easter and church and spending time with lots of family members. It was perfect.

2. We came home late Easter day and found that the cat had somehow gotten out while we were loading the car. She spent about 36 hours outside and was not happy with us when we returned.

3. My uncle died. So the girls and I made a whirlwind trip to Chicago to be with family for the funeral and associated events. It was there that Lola met Lola...

4. The cat began acting funny. And one day her fur got ... icky. So Ray took her to the vet and found that while she was outside she was apparently attacked by another very large animal and, after shaving her down, they found some rather depp bite marks all along her back that had gotten infected. How we didn't notice this, I have no idea. She got antibiotics and seems to be recovering well.

5. However, at some point either prior to her diagnosis or right after (I tend to think before...) she somehow managed to get Mustang in the eye. And he got the infection in his eye. And how he's, well, blind. Hopefully temporarily, but it's been a week now with the medication and he seems to be more miserable now than before. He goes back in Thursday...

6. Millie is now into the next phase of evaluations to figure what, if any, services she will get from the school district for the coming year. She "graduates' from the birth to 3-year-old program this summer and is transitioning into the 3- to 5-year-old programming.

7. It's also May. Which means I'm knee-deep in work stuff, as I'm mostly an education reporter. So I've got like seven graduations coming up, prom, testing season, editing and proofing for the next issue of our magazine, etc., etc., etc., not to mention that now Lola is in school and extracurriculars, so we have her end of the year programming, shows and celebrations. Just life, I know. But it's a crazy time in life.

8. The garage door broke this morning. Not sure why.

9. Millie is apparently having nightmares and is waking up fairly regularly from 2-4 a.m.

10. Memorial Day/weekend is right around the corner so that means (sad face) that;s it is only about three more weeks before we lose Ray for the summer. He'll be working out of town six days a week through about September. We're thrilled for the work and the extra $ of course, but it's always a tough adjustment.

So that's where we've been.

Our chaotic, beautiful life, as always. Just like yours, I am sure. We live the life we cultivate. And we love ours, 98 percent of the time. I just wish the puppy would get better.
- Bethany

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