Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What do you do with a bunch of nervous, anxious energy? And no husband to temper your growing craziness? Apparently you rearrange your whole upstairs.

Let me back up.

Remember when the girls and I went to Chicago? Yeah, while we were gone, my husband surprised the girls by adding this in Lola's room:

He painted Anna and Elsa (from Frozen).

They are incredible. He is so talented.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Millie started going through a tough nighttime phase, when she fought bedtime every single evening, screaming and shrieking and crying and then screaming some more.

We're pretty good about not giving in but, well, it's Millie. She's the happy one. And it was getting harder and harder to listen to her cry. We'd check on her, of course, try to comfort her, but it always made it worse.

So ... one weekend, desperate, we tried letting her and Lola sleep together. A we never heard a peep from either of them.

The next weekend, same thing. It was fantastic.

In time, we began revisiting a long-standing discussion: Should the girls share a room? We've danced around this for some time, but always ended up on the side of, "Sure it sounds great now, but what about when Lola's 7? Or 10? And she wants her own space?"

But last night, after listening to Millie again cry herself to sleep (on my own since Ray is now gone for his summertime assignment), I thought again about those Frozen sisters on Lola's wall and decided, What would it hurt to just try it?

So after talking with Ray this morning, we agreed to "give it a go."

Which in BethanyLand translates into, Dive in.

After work, I moved about 85 percent of Millie's furniture into the new "Girls' Room"...

Yes, it's cluttered. Very much so. Which is not my style at all, but it will work for now.

What made it all worthwhile were the smiles, claps and cheers from both girls as it became clear what was happening. Millie, especially, was over the moon. She kept signing "Millie, Lola, friends."

At bedtime, they both happily climbed into their beds, putting their heads together and wished each other sweet dreams.

I never heard a single cry.

Actually, stike that. There were tears. From Lola, when she found a patch of poison oak or something on the bottom her foot.So we had to deal with that a bit.

But, really, they did both go down fabulously.

And that made me very happy.

But what made me happiest was just how excited they were to be together.

So what happened to Millie's old room, you're wondering?

Well, it now has become my office/crafting/scrapbooking room. With a changing table. Ha.

Everything is (obviously) still in flux. And I'm sure I'll be arranging things over and over again for a few weeks, as we get settled. But I am excited to have my desk back upstairs. And a table for my Cricut and my scrapbooking works. It needs to be larger. And I need to empty Millie's closets for storage.

But for now, I'm happy.

And very tired.
- Bethany

Oh, you want to know about the "nervous, anxious energy"? That's another post for another day, but I basically found out this morning that, as we expected, Millie will qualify for speech with the school district starting next fall but won't qualify for school-based (or center-based) services. It's not that I'm opposed to or upset about this -- I don't personally believe that a special-ed classroom would be the best fit for her -- but I just feel kind of overwhelmed, confused ... scattered, even. My thoughts are all over the page. I'm taking a day to kind of digest it before I get into it too much further here. And what better way to sort out some of those feelings than by rearranging the house. :)

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