Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Life with Lola

Lola, like most of the other kids her age I'm sure, says the darndest things.

The last few days she's had a few winners and I figured I'd share them here, in case you needed a few laughs today.

No. 1. The scene: Monday afternoon in the car, immediately after I picked the girls up from day care. Lola climbs into her seat, buckles up and sighs very dramatically.

"Mom," she says. "Can I have a cell phone?"

Me, half-laughing and half-choking, "Um, no, you're too little."

"Well, how old do I have to be?"

"It's going to be a long while, the better part of a decade."

Frustrated pause.

And then, "What's a decade?"

Me, stifling a giggle, "Let me put it this way, if you don't know the what 'decade' means, you're too young for a cell phone."

Then I asked, What does she need a cell phone for anyway, figuring it was another ploy to get a long-hoped-for iPad (which we have no intention of doing right now).

"I dunno. Call people?"

"Like who?"


Me, "Well, you can always use my phone."

Lola, sighing loudly again, "It's just not the same."


No. 2. The scene: Tuesday night, in front of the fireplace in the living room. I'm preoccupied, disconnecting the sectional and moving its pieces around to sweep and vacuum the floors. I'm tired, a wee bit crabby, and trying to get done so I can get started on baking breakfast. Of course, as it always happens, you move the couches and you find an array of markers, toys and other little things. Millie sees the markers, wants to color, and I figure it will keep her busy for a few minutes, so I get her some paper and ask Lola to keep an eye on her so she doesn't lose the marker caps. A few minutes later, I put the vacuum down and turn around and find Millie's face covered in marker, her bare legs covered in marker, and her arms covered in marker. Lola was standing right next to her unimpressed.

Me, exasperated, "Lola! Why did you let Millie color all over herself? I asked you to watch her for me."

Lola, holding out a hand full of maker caps, "But she didn't lose the maker caps, Mommy. They're all right here."

No. 3. The scene: Wednesday morning, at the kitchen table as the kids eat their frozen cinnamon sticks (yeah, I obviously never did get to that baking last night, due to a last-minute bathtime...). I'm sipping coffee when I get a text from Ray wishing me a happy anniversary. I smile to myself.

Me: "Hey, Lola, do you know what today is?"

Lola: "No... Oh wait, it's movie day at (daycare)."

Me: "Well, yes, have fun with that. But today is also Mommy's anniversary. Do you know what that means?"

Lola: "No..."

Me: "That means nine years ago today Mommy and Daddy got married."

Lola: "Together?"

Me: "Well, yes, of course. To each other. In the church."

Lola: "Together?"

Me: "Yes, Daddy and me together."

Lola, giving me a very pointed look: "Then why is it just your anniversary and not Daddy's too?"

She's a sharp one that Lola.

Anyhow, happy anniversary to Ray. We miss him every day of course, but it's even harder on special days like today. Love you.

- Bethany :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy birthday, Amelia!

Our Silly Millie.

Our sweetheart.

Our angel girl.

Our Amelia.

You turned 3 years old without a huge splash (other than the ones you made with Lola as you both went down our homemade waterslides). We just stayed home, the four of us, and made it a happy home day.

We let you dictate what we did, asking if you'd rather go to a festival, go to a movie, or do something else. You wanted to just stay home and swim, simply and happily splashing away in the kiddie pool and playing with your toys in the water table, squealing and belly-laughing as Daddy chased you around with the hose.

It was a day to just relax, to play together, to be together.

You were so happy.

And that's all we wanted.

Happy birthday, little one. We love you more than words can say.
- Mommy :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Millie is almost 3!

We're a four-piece puzzle.

Or at least that's how I think of us.

Millie was the final piece, the piece that made us whole.

She completed us.

On Sunday, we will gather -- just the four of us -- to celebrate her, to celebrate what she has brought us, what she has made us.

Our little family.

Our perfectly happy little family.
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the double-decker

Well, we did it.

After we "temporarily" decided to see how it went with two girls in one room, we purchased a bunk bed.

It arrived this past weekend and Ray, after getting home from work at 9:45 p.m. worked 'til 2 a.m. to put the darned thing together (I helped! ... some...). He's a trooper.

So here are some pictures of the girls' new transitions.

This is the cramped shared room from before...

It mostly worked, but it was super tight and full of toys, etc.Not mention that the furniture did not match. I couldn't stand it.

But the girls liked how close they were to each other.

This is how I found them one morning (see Millie's little legs?!):

So, enter the new bunk bed!
Thanks to a lot of reoganizing and decluttering, it all fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier.

The kids are pretty happy too. The upstairs bunk is their new favorite play zone (Hi Pluto!).

We have had one (fairly major?) hiccup. Millie won't let Lola sleep on the top bunk. She cries and cries. In Millie's perfect world, they would both get to sleep on top. For now, she's settling for having Lola sleep beside her in the bottom bunk. Lola is willing to do it for now, but I know she's getting more and more annoyed with it. So at some point here, I'm going to have to just pull the bandage off.

But they go to sleep so well, so quietly...

It's actually peaceful at bedtime.

They're even teaching their "babies" to sleep together too...

- Bethany :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

our morning drive...

First, we called Ray. It started inside when Millie signed and asked me for her "phone" which is actually a skinny little remote control for the kitchen radio, but she is convinced it is her phone...

Anyhow, she got her phone and signed "Daddy" so we had a pretend conversation with Ray in the house.

Then, when we got in the car, she signed "phone Daddy" again, still holding her pretend phone. But I was pretty sure she wanted to hear his voice.

So we called Ray. And everyone was happy.

Anyway, we're driving through town and we pass by a church.

Lola: "Is that our church?"

Me: "No, but it is a church." Pause. "Actually it was our church once, you were baptized there."

The she starts listing all of the churches she knows: "Our church, Grandpa Al's church, Auntie Roe's church."

Then she starts thinking hard, saying she can't remember what the inside of Grandpa Al's church looks like. So I offered a really quick description of the inside lobby to jog her memory.

Lola: "Last time, I was there, they played music in the back (the organ and choir) and the man, he put his hand on my head and talked special to me (gave her a blessing during communion)."

Me: "Yes."

Lola: "But then he started teasing."

Me, confused: "Teasing?"

Lola: "Yeah, remember? He kept saying that everyone was going to drink Jesus's blood but it was really just wine."

By now, we had reached daycare. So it was either send her in without talking this out or try to explain the concept of communion in three minutes. I chose the latter and stumbled my through that one.

So gosh knows what she went into daycare talking about today...

But I have to admit, I'm fairly impressed -- and proud! -- to know that she was actually listening in church. With all the wiggling and coloring and whining on Sunday mornings, sometimes it's hard to tell.

- Bethany :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a Sister Summer

This is quickly becoming the Sister Summer.

Lola has been in awe of Millie since the day she was born. And rarely wants to leave her side. She wanted to hold the baby, feed the baby, change the baby, rock the baby.

As Millie got older, she shoved food and toys in her face and tried so hard to entice her to be her best buddy.

Millie, well, not so much. She's always been much more of a Mommy's girl, wanting either me or Ray for attention and had habitually rejected Lola's offers for playtime.

But this year that has changed. So very much.

Millie wants to do everything her sister does. And she wants to be with her sister all of the time.

Lola is thrilled. She finally has that built-in best friend that she's been longing for.

And we're just happy to be along for the ride.

- Bethany :)