Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Life with Lola

Lola, like most of the other kids her age I'm sure, says the darndest things.

The last few days she's had a few winners and I figured I'd share them here, in case you needed a few laughs today.

No. 1. The scene: Monday afternoon in the car, immediately after I picked the girls up from day care. Lola climbs into her seat, buckles up and sighs very dramatically.

"Mom," she says. "Can I have a cell phone?"

Me, half-laughing and half-choking, "Um, no, you're too little."

"Well, how old do I have to be?"

"It's going to be a long while, the better part of a decade."

Frustrated pause.

And then, "What's a decade?"

Me, stifling a giggle, "Let me put it this way, if you don't know the what 'decade' means, you're too young for a cell phone."

Then I asked, What does she need a cell phone for anyway, figuring it was another ploy to get a long-hoped-for iPad (which we have no intention of doing right now).

"I dunno. Call people?"

"Like who?"


Me, "Well, you can always use my phone."

Lola, sighing loudly again, "It's just not the same."


No. 2. The scene: Tuesday night, in front of the fireplace in the living room. I'm preoccupied, disconnecting the sectional and moving its pieces around to sweep and vacuum the floors. I'm tired, a wee bit crabby, and trying to get done so I can get started on baking breakfast. Of course, as it always happens, you move the couches and you find an array of markers, toys and other little things. Millie sees the markers, wants to color, and I figure it will keep her busy for a few minutes, so I get her some paper and ask Lola to keep an eye on her so she doesn't lose the marker caps. A few minutes later, I put the vacuum down and turn around and find Millie's face covered in marker, her bare legs covered in marker, and her arms covered in marker. Lola was standing right next to her unimpressed.

Me, exasperated, "Lola! Why did you let Millie color all over herself? I asked you to watch her for me."

Lola, holding out a hand full of maker caps, "But she didn't lose the maker caps, Mommy. They're all right here."

No. 3. The scene: Wednesday morning, at the kitchen table as the kids eat their frozen cinnamon sticks (yeah, I obviously never did get to that baking last night, due to a last-minute bathtime...). I'm sipping coffee when I get a text from Ray wishing me a happy anniversary. I smile to myself.

Me: "Hey, Lola, do you know what today is?"

Lola: "No... Oh wait, it's movie day at (daycare)."

Me: "Well, yes, have fun with that. But today is also Mommy's anniversary. Do you know what that means?"

Lola: "No..."

Me: "That means nine years ago today Mommy and Daddy got married."

Lola: "Together?"

Me: "Well, yes, of course. To each other. In the church."

Lola: "Together?"

Me: "Yes, Daddy and me together."

Lola, giving me a very pointed look: "Then why is it just your anniversary and not Daddy's too?"

She's a sharp one that Lola.

Anyhow, happy anniversary to Ray. We miss him every day of course, but it's even harder on special days like today. Love you.

- Bethany :)

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