Thursday, June 5, 2014

our morning drive...

First, we called Ray. It started inside when Millie signed and asked me for her "phone" which is actually a skinny little remote control for the kitchen radio, but she is convinced it is her phone...

Anyhow, she got her phone and signed "Daddy" so we had a pretend conversation with Ray in the house.

Then, when we got in the car, she signed "phone Daddy" again, still holding her pretend phone. But I was pretty sure she wanted to hear his voice.

So we called Ray. And everyone was happy.

Anyway, we're driving through town and we pass by a church.

Lola: "Is that our church?"

Me: "No, but it is a church." Pause. "Actually it was our church once, you were baptized there."

The she starts listing all of the churches she knows: "Our church, Grandpa Al's church, Auntie Roe's church."

Then she starts thinking hard, saying she can't remember what the inside of Grandpa Al's church looks like. So I offered a really quick description of the inside lobby to jog her memory.

Lola: "Last time, I was there, they played music in the back (the organ and choir) and the man, he put his hand on my head and talked special to me (gave her a blessing during communion)."

Me: "Yes."

Lola: "But then he started teasing."

Me, confused: "Teasing?"

Lola: "Yeah, remember? He kept saying that everyone was going to drink Jesus's blood but it was really just wine."

By now, we had reached daycare. So it was either send her in without talking this out or try to explain the concept of communion in three minutes. I chose the latter and stumbled my through that one.

So gosh knows what she went into daycare talking about today...

But I have to admit, I'm fairly impressed -- and proud! -- to know that she was actually listening in church. With all the wiggling and coloring and whining on Sunday mornings, sometimes it's hard to tell.

- Bethany :)

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