Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Guess who is 6?!

I can hardly believe it.

We celebrated with Ray on Sunday, as he took the girls to a movie and, later, she opened her presents and we had cake at home. It was a mellow birthday, yes, but special for her. Lots of family time, which she adores.

Yesterday, with Ray back out of town, I took the day off so we could have a girls day. We first went to the library for a music show, which was a bit too exuberant for my introverted 6-year-old, so we ended up borrowing a few books and just heading home. 

While Millie napped, the birthday girl and I spent the next three hours doing "big kid" activities, making crafts and beaded jewelry, whatever Lola wanted to do. 

Her big outing for the day was going to the salon, where both she and Millie had mini manis and Lola had her hair curled and pinned atop her head. I have a ton of pictures I'll have to go through soon. But she looked so grown up, and she loved every moment of it.

More than once, I caught myself looking at this girl, this child is so beyond her preschool years. She got a bad rep as a baby -- the needy, challenging infant that grew to be the stubborn, spirited toddler -- and while I still see those personality traits in her, we've come to treasure them (most days). Her energies, sure, they can be trying at times, but we love her enthusiasm, her zest.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl. We're so proud of you. And we love you tons.

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