Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I've been quiet on here lately. It's a mix of not wanting to overshare, not having all that much to say, and not knowing what people want to hear about.

But I'm still here. And things are going relatively well. Summer is always our hard season, as Ray heads out of town for work five or six days a week. For example, this past weekend, he came home about 7 p.m. Saturday and left again at 5 a.m. Monday. It's hard. And yet it's what we knew we were signing up for, so I don't want to whine about it (too much anyway...). These three or four months are crucial for, you know, paying for our lives, so we both love and loathe the hours simultaneously. 

The girls are doing really well. Their day care center does a lot of activities for the older students (Lola's age) in the summer, so she's on the go and getting all sorts of fun new experiences. Which I love. And Millie is still thriving in her class, learning more ways to communicate with her peers and teachers, while having loads of fun throughout the day, particularly when she gets to play outside in the incredibly large sand box. Nothing makes Millie as happy as she is with a pail full of sand. Or rock.

Me, I'm hanging in there. I've got our schedules down to a science, even if it means the house isn't swept or scrubbed nearly as often as it should be. At least the kids are (relatively) clean and they have lunches packed each day. Never mind that Millie still refuses to eat any of hers. Daily.

I'm trying to keep things on track while also making sure we still have time for play and fun. And yet also working in time for Lola to keep up with her reading and math. And making edible foods instead of shoving Lunchables at them both every day. Or pancakes. I've gotten really good at pancake 
dinners. And frozen French toast stick breakfasts. I kid, I kid... (But, no, not really: We also visit Taco Bell at least twice a week.)

I do take Tuesday nights to myself, when I have a sitter come over so I can play on a local tennis league. That's a really nice outlet, a nice chunk of "me" time that helps propel me through the rest of the week. 

That's certainly not to say we don't have fun! The girls and I have loads of fun together, exploring new places, playing outside, chasing each other around the house, just playing Barbies and Frozen on the floor in their bedroom. I love having so much one-on-two time with the girls, seeing them change every day, hearing about their days, tucking them in each and every night. We've gotten closer.

Still, you can hear the cheering on Friday or Saturday evenings, when we get that text from Ray that says he's on his way. It's priceless to watch the girls -- and the dog -- rush the doors when they hear his truck pull in. And they throw themselves into his arms, and pile onto his lap, refusing to move for at least an hour, giggling and talking and babbling and laughing all at once.

This is summer.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the new posts...I have been checking daily for updates :)...
First new headline had me choking back tears...should probably not read at work..but I love reading them anytime!
You are all amazing and love you all so much...mom