Thursday, July 17, 2014

(old) videos...

While cleaning the garage recently I happened upon a DVD.

It's a collection of videos from Winter 2012-13. At that time I was taking a class designed to teach strategies to help parents work with their children so they could improve their communication. I want to say it was a 12-week class. We met for a couple hours each Tuesday.

We took videos of us interacting with our kiddos throughout, to observe us putting the strategies in action. There were several video sessions along the way. And I remember celebrating at the end, when we could visually see how far all of our kids came in that time.

I also remember getting the videos at the conclusion of the course. And thinking I should post them here. I didn't, for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it just so happened to be the roughest time in our journey with Millie: her tests, her diagnosis, more tests, then the seizures... It was an incredibly difficult time.

But I just happened to stumble on them today. I just watched them, for the very first time since then. It's awesome to see how far she came during those few months -- and how far she's come since. She's amazing.

When we started the class, Millie was completely non-verbal. She wasn't signing much then either. To say communication was a challenge would be an understatement, to say the least.

Blogger doesn't seem to like videos, so I might have to do this in a few posts. But I do want to share them.

This is the very first video, taken toward the end of 2012. Millie was roughly 18 months old. 

This is roughly the halfway point, maybe mid-January?

And this is from the end, in mid-February.

We're so proud of her, our little Angel Girl.
- Bethany 

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