Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the 'buzz' at home

Last week, while Ray was gone, the girls and I noticed a few new house guests.

Bees. Or wasps. Someday I'll learn to tell the difference.

We found that we were catching about one a day. Usually, it would be found flying up near the kitchen table. They were never aggressive, so I'd simply catch them between a glass and a plate, walk outside and let it go.

Why not kill it? Well, for one, I've never been good at killing things.

Second, and more importantly, I'm potentially deathly allergic. I don't know. I've never actually been stung. But in college I went into anaphylactic shock and passed out from a still-unknown allergen. I then went through a whole bunch of tests that showed I was allergic to a whole bunch of pollens, dusts, and VERY allergic to bees. I was given an epipen and sent on my way. I swell up pretty good after horse and deer fly bites, so I tend to just avoid bees whenever possible. And wasps.

So I've been catching and releasing them outside, trying not to piss off the non-aggressive bees/wasps.

Well, this past weekend, Ray commented on the number of bees too. So we figured it was time to find their hive. Or nest. Whatever.

There was nothing obviously hanging from the house, so he bent down to look under the porch and was bombarded.

In an effort to see from the other side, he went down to the basement...

Not a minute later, I heard him yelp a bit, slam the door and come trucking on up the staircase.

"Well, I found the hive."

Great! Let's go kill it! (And, as always, as in "we" I mean you, my dear.)

No, no, it's in the basement.

Yeah, so there is one room in the house I tend to avoid. I'll clean and go through most rooms daily, but the "workroom" -- an unfinished workshop/storage area -- is dedicated to Ray's use. I very rarely go in there.

And since Ray is out of town, that means the hive/nest has been growing for who knows how long...

It's at least the size of a basketball.

So ... longer story shorter, we had pest control out on Monday who sprayed both the outside access point and the hive itself. He taped up and blocked off the door so in theory the bees would stay in their place and die in the workroom. He warned us that the bees would be "very angry" for 6 to 8 hours.

Oh, and he said it was a yellow jacket's nest, so that's wasps I guess. And he was shocked that, considering its size, no one noticed it before now.

On the side of safety -- and sanity -- we packed up and the girls and I spent the first part of the week at my Dad's. Which was quite fun.

I had a friend come check the hive for "activity" (as in any signs of life) last night and they seem to be dead. We haven't seen any more upstairs or anywhere even outside.

But I still have the willies. Blech. and can't wait til this weekend, when the nest/hive/gross thing will be finally evacuated from the premises.

Here's hoping for a quieter rest of the week...
- Bethany

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