Monday, October 6, 2014

busy. busy...

We've been crazy busy here lately, between the start of the school year (a month ago), therapies (a while ago), the start of extra-curriculars (three weeks ago), illnesses (a couple of weeks ago), and house projects.

After more than four years of debating whether the previous homeowners tiled around the bathroom vanity or under it, Ray about two weeks ago broke out the drill and answered the question once and for all. He happily discovered that the tile does in fact extend under the vanity to the wall -- and that prompted an almost immediate decision to finally  redo the upstairs bathroom.

I don't have pictures of the "before" bathroom, from when we've lived in the house. Probably because it was rather unattractive (though I'm sure it looked quite lovely in its day, with its pale yellow walls...).

This is the only image I could find, taken in February 2010 during our viewing tour, before we decided to pursue purchasing the "pink house," as it was then known.

That has now, thanks to Ray's incredible hard work!, become this:

It is gorgeous. I love it. It feels bigger, cleaner and so much less gross.

It isn't 100 percent done-done yet. We still need to put some finishing touches on it, like decor. And because the vanity itself is smaller than what was there before (in a very good way -- this current layout so much spacier!), we did order a cabinet for more storage.

But it looks great. And I couldn't be happier with it.

When Ray was ripping down the old stuff -- the mirror, the medicine cabinet, the vanity, etc. -- I went and "rescued" two pieces from the dump pile: the mirror and the bathroom medicine cabinet thing that hung on the wall above the potty.

The mirror is a TBD piece, but for the medicine cabinet, I had big plans. 

I have long wanted to transition from my tired ol' jewelry armoire to something smaller that would hang on the wall. And I thought the cabinet would be a great way to do that.

I didn't think to get a "before" photo (mainly because I don't know how thrilled Ray was with my plans -- I get a lot of "ideas" that don't seem to go anywhere and I think he was afraid this would become that.)

But it looks something kind of like this, but older, less polished, in fake oak, with a wooden bar that hangs below it for, presumably, a hand towel or something.
Really, mine was in nowhere near as good shape as the one above. Mine came off the wall looking like this:

So I got to work. I knew I wanted it to hang on the bedroom wall, so I painted it the same brown that we have for trim and accents. And then went and got the leftover wall paint for front accents.

What I couldn't figure out though was what to do with the backing. It is a heavy cardboard thing covered with a fake wood laminate front. And I couldn't paint on the laminate thing. (Trust me, I tried. And then I tried to rip it off which made it the whole situation a whole lot worse.)

Ben Franklin to the rescue! I found oversized decor papers in colors that I hoped would match the bedroom and I modge-podged them to the backing.

It turned out quite great, even if I do say so myself.

I purchased shiny new knobs and a couple of hooks for the side. 

I had previously stumbled on a blog that showed how to use chain links to hang earrings, so I bought some of those too.

Totally functional! And any worries I had that the patterned paper wouldn't match the wall was for naught -- because it really does look quite lovely.

All I had to do was transfer everything over and into place...

For what is probably the first time ever, my project came out exactly like I'd hoped it would, though I do think that in the days to come I might add two or three hooks to the top as well, since there is plenty of room.

But everything I do have looks quite lovely.

Best yet, it matches the bedroom perfectly.  I thought about painting the stripes on the front orange, but since "we" (Ray) just recently painted the dresser, I thought that might be orange overkill.

Now, I just have to figure out how to transform this...
... into something usable.

- Bethany :)

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That is amazing! Great Job! Definitely NOT from my side of the family :)