Monday, October 13, 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Friday night. The girls and I were going stir-crazy. And Millie has been trying to see through her too-long bangs for about a month now. So, I packed up the girls and headed to the quickee hair salon.

Millie was called first. So I went with her and tried to get her settled down (she wasn't upset, but apprehensive). She kept trying to answer the hair stylist - by signing. With her hands underneath the apron thing. So I ended up staying with her long than I'd anticipated, repeatedly lifting the apron to translate for her.
Meanwhile, Lola, who loves getting her hair done now, was happily escorted to her seat.

Millie's lady asked me what I wanted done. I said, "Trim her bangs, clean it up, just an overall trim."

Lola's lady asked me what I wanted done. I said, "Trim her bangs, clean it up, just an overall trim." And then added that she does usually get some longer layers thrown in there too, to lighten the overall dense-ness of her mane.

If I had been paying close enough attention, I would have picked up on the very slight hesitation,
"You want the bangs to her eyebrows?" (Well, yeah, where else would you put them to? I wondered, to myself, before answering nicely that that would be just fine.)

It wasn't until we were in the car, on the way home, that I noticed how different Lola looked.

And then Lola giggled and said her hair tickled her forehead.

And I remembered: We've been growing her bangs out for the last two years.

Well, pooey. Nothing I can do about it now.

Fortunately, Lola loves them.

The real test will come tomorrow, though, when it's time for gymnastics. And she won't be able to tie them back off her forehead, like usual.

I did give a test yesterday, when Lola and I went for our first-ever mommy-daughter run.

She wore a headband, like me, to keep her hair out of her face. Great idea, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Until the headband was discovered missing seven minutes in. (Fortunately, we got really lucky on the way home and found it about 5 blocks from the house.) Bobby pins might be in the very near future.

Still, she seems to really like her bangs. This morning, she woke up asking for the hairbrush so she could brush them out before school.

So, we'll see...

But I still feel like a numbskull. Sheesh.
- Bethany

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Anonymous said...

HEHE..that is so funny! I love her in bangs! Wanted to see pic of Millie's new hair too!