Tuesday, October 14, 2014

picture post

I've said before that life has been busy here (as I know it is for most everyone...) but I figured I'd offer a few brief updates, based on the photos I just took off my cell phone...

Lola was sick in the middle of September. Nothing too terrible, just two days of fevered fatigue. But she did have to miss Picture Day at school and that was soul-crushing for her.

Fortunately, she had Mustang to keep her company. (I love how the "Mustang" blanket just happens to be in the background here too.)

 Then, Millie got sick about a week later.

Again, it didn't seem to be any too serious -- until we heard her wheezing and struggling to catch her breath. Her temp was above 104, so one trip to urgent care later, she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

And we took out the ol' nebulizer.
Which she still hates.

Luckily, she has a big sister who was more than willing to help in any way she could.

(And a dog that is constantly watching over the kiddos, mainly Millie. He things he's her unofficial therapy dog, I think.)


Our first concern, obviously, was Millie's health. But once she got on meds, she improved almost immediately.

Yet, it did give me pause, as we were supposed to visit the Cities a few days later to see Ray's family and to send him off to a Vikings game.

Fortunately, Millie continued to get better and we were able to make the trip, having a very special time with the Wesleys (a super special one for the girls, but more on that later...) and the guys had a great time at a great football game.

And, as an added bonus, we were able to surprise my Mom at work on her birthday (it just so happened Lola didn't have school that Monday).
Everyone now seems to be quite healthy (yay!)

So we're getting back to our routines and having some fun.

 Lola's not-quite-daily stretching...

 Lola at her first visit to the paint-your-own-ceramics here in town.

And school, of course, too.

Life has been a bit crazy lately -- but we're loving it. 

- Bethany

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet little girls....thank you visiting on my Birthday! Love to everyone!