Friday, November 7, 2014


Well, here's an interesting update.

I work in news, right? So one of the most important/busiest days of the year, work-wise, is election day. And I seem to have issues on election days. I miscarried one year; two years ago, Millie had three medical appointments four hours away from where we live, we got very unsettling results, and I still had to get back to cover results that night; and then ... there was this week.

Sigh. Totaled the car.

Of course, always, the most important thing is that no one was hurt. Sore maybe, but no injuries. It was me and Millie. We had just voted, so we left the polling place and were on our way to take Millie to preschool. We never did make it. (But I did make it to the office that evening for election coverage!)

So happy birthday to me, next week we'll likely get a new vehicle.

In other news, we are heading down again this weekend for another round of dr. appts. and tests on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing too fancy or invasive. Millie will be undergoing another EEG as we hope to begin the process of taking her off her anti-seizure meds. Good vibes, thoughts, prayers -- they're all appreciated for not only the coming days but also for the coming weeks as we see what the effects might be as those medications are reduced.

We believe that this is the right step, the right move, and we're excited for it -- but it's also a bit of a scary move nonetheless.

At least I won't be the one driving.  :)
- Bethany

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Anonymous said...

Just glad everyone was ok and definitely lots of prayers for our Millie...