Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am just now feeling like our home is looking Christmas-y.

Not because we didn't have any decorations, but because there was this in the middle of the living room for the last few weeks...

Nothing says Christmas like a work-in-progress spread throughout the living room, right?

But it was my own doing.

A couple of months ago I finished my first "project," converting the old medicine cabinet into a jewelry cabinet.

Consequently, that left this old thing basically useless.

I enjoyed my jewelry armoire for many years. But it has been well-worn and is definitely showing its age. And the oak/wood,  it just doesn't match anything in my bedroom and I'm really not big enough "into" jewelry to need such a large piece of furniture.

It is missing its drawer too, which makes it look even worse...

But it is still completely functional. And I figured that there had to be another use in this thing, somehow, someway. It has a lot of great features. And I'd hate to toss this to just replace it with a more expensive piece of furniture down the road.

So ...  bring on the paint!

I came up with the idea of converting it into a storage unit for Lola's growing American Girl doll supplies and clothing. The drawers all are divided and have compartments to make things easily sorted and accessible.

But the girls' room is all color -- with white accents and furniture.

So I had to make the thing white. And that meant a whole lotta' primer and paint.

And since Ray and I like our time together at night, after the kids go to bed, I basically painted in the living room, with a few drop cloths. Thus, the reason for the mess in the living room.

There were a few stumbling blocks along the way.

For one, I couldn't paint the back because it isn't true wood -- it's that cardboardy fake wood material.

My intention was to go buy more paper that would complement the girls' room but then I settled on the free option -- using the same patterned paper that I used in my own "new" jewelry case.

As an added bonus, the pattern actually blended with the very odd-colored green felt that is prevalent throughout the piece.

It actually blended together quite nicely...

A couple of bucks for new knobs and the front is now so much more attractive...

All in all, I must say it turned out quite lovely.

I'm especially pleased that it looks at least mostly grown-up too, so if she tires of using it for doll accessories, as she becomes a (gulp) pre-teen and teenager, she could convert it right back to its original intention as a jewelry/accessories case.

But, really, I'm just glad it's done. And that it turned out pretty well. And I only spent $20 on it -- $18 for paint and $2 on knobs. You can't beat that.

Now I just have to clean it all up and stick a pretty ol' bow on it for Christmas.

And then figure out what my next project should be...
- Bethany

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing! Great job! Definitely not something in the gene pool...