Thursday, January 22, 2015

connecting the dots

We wrapped one of Lola's Christmas gifts in a decorative box filled with hundreds of coins. I don't remember why exactly -- I think to make it jingle when she shook it -- but it was a big hit.

The problem came when Millie opened her most treasured gift, a set of pretend cookware featuring all things Minnie Mouse. For whatever reason, Millie thought these coins would make a great substitute for water and food and she spends lengths of times moving the coins from her cooking pot to the strainer, scooping them up with a ladle or measuring cups and stirring them around with the whisk.

So they have kind of become Millie's "toy" -- and while we've talked a few times about us probably replacing the real money with a fake version, she just really likes the weight and jingling sounds.

The other day, we were in the kitchen; I was cooking while Millie was playing with her own kitchen set.

Now, look a bit carefully at that third picture and you will see the design of the toys, pink with white polka dots.

She started hollering for us to look at what she had done...

She took her coins and placed them perfectly atop all of those white dots.

She was so pleased with herself.

What a cutie-pie.

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Anonymous said...

That is so adorable!! Smart little one! Ooops...we were playing with the money and the kitchen while we were there...