Monday, January 19, 2015

my weekend

My top five moments of the weekend.

5. Each day. Cuddles. The girls were so cuddly this weekend. More than once every day, I'd take a brief rest on the couch and Millie would crawl up right next to me, resting against my right side while Lola would hop up onto my left. The dog, of course, claimed my lap and the four of us would just snuggle in together for a few minutes of quiet.

4. Saturday morning. Lola spends an hour (or two) trying on and modeling each and every single outfit possibility for Florida. She was so serious every time we had to consider two or three choices that had to be whittled down to one. She was very helpful, both at deciding what goes and what stays, and also retrieving things every time I needed help. And she was so excited, telling me which outfits were for each Disney park. It was cute. Now we just need the weather cooperate!

3. Saturday afternoon into the evening, the girls spend the whole day in their swimsuits. After unearthing them for packing, Millie (who loves all things swimming) freaks out and insists on wearing hers. Lola, of course, follows suit (ha, pun intended, sorry, English geek) and the two spend all day in their swimwear, running around indoors as we get a new batch of fresh snow.

2. Sunday afternoon. After two days of fake-packing and trying to weed out the unnecessaries, the final weigh-in for the one big bag came in 2.8 pounds under my weight limit. I have a few more things to add and move around between bags, but at least I know I'm in the ballpark...

1. Friday afternoon. As I was picking up the kids from daycare, just about to start the weekend, their teacher stopped and asked me, "Is this yours?" before handing me my external hard drive. The drive, which unbeknownst to her had been missing for two weeks, prompting several tears and at least one breakdown, was suddenly back in my hands. It is the only file I have of all of our family photos, from 2007 to present, not to mention several imporant docments (not like legal, those are all safely preserved elsewhere, but important-to-Bethany files, like master addresses, medical histories, and the like). Just having it back was awesome, but it got the weekend off to a super-great start and it carried through the days to come.

And now it's Monday. One more day closer to vacation...

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