Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I started this new thing at the dinner table a week or so ago.

We were all sitting around excitedly talking about Disney and every now and then you could tell that Millie was trying to inject her opinion too, but she is very easily overshadowed -- and out-talked -- by her very spirited older sister. It's not that Lola isn't a considerate older sister -- she is, the best! -- but the kid can talk. And talk, and talk, and talk...

So I silenced that one (momentarily) started asking Millie some questions.

Do you want to go on rides? Or meet Princesses?

Do you want to go on fast rides or slow rides?
Slow rides.

Do you want to go on scary rides or happy rides?
Happy rides.

Do you want to meet Elsa or Ariel?
And Ariel.
And Anna.
And Rapunzel.

Do you want to meet Mickey Mouse or Elsa?
And Elsa.

Do you want to give Mickey a hug?
And a kiss.

Do you want to go on rides with Mommy or Daddy?

Do you want to go on rides or go swimming?
(Tough one, lots of hemming and hawing on this one. The kid loves water.)
And then go swimming.
With Mickey.
Go swimming with Mickey.
(Somehow, a few weeks ago, her dear  sister gave Millie the impression that Mickey is physically in the pool with the kids, so they all swim together... We're working on this one.)

Do you want to go on a flying ride or a boat ride?
Boat ride.
(Good thing because Mommy forgot she wasn't tall enough yet for Soarin'.)

This went on for a while, as you can see. And it was super awesome to watch her not only get excited about the trip, but as she got even more worked up, she was signing less and talking more. Signing is too slow, you see, and she knows that. So this is great for her. And us.

This has now become our nightly dinner conversation, a Disney version of Would You Rather.

Millie always gets to answer first, to work on talking of course. But then Lola gets to chat away for a while about her answer(s) too. And sometimes they bicker about it, in their own special little language. It's cute.

You can tell everyone seems pretty dang excited and is getting more excited with each day.

It's funny, each night, we put the kids to bed and inevitably Lola runs back out 10 minutes later to remind me we forgot to X out the day on their countdown calendar. (I swear she's afraid that she'll have to repeat that day if we forget to mark it as done.)

But it's getting so much closer!

Just a while longer kiddos, just a little bit longer...

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Anonymous said...

Precious....all of you are learning so much...especially to hold on too all those special times and to take life slower....we all could learn so much..