Thursday, January 8, 2015


Aye uh i er! Aye go ah-ee!

Got that?!

No, probably not.

But let me translate for you.

"I'm a big girl! I go potty!"

Seven words. In a row. Holy crap.

I can't begin to tell you the pride she felt.

Not when she said it. No, when she said it, she was cautious, very deliberate, a little anxious maybe.

But then, when I repeated it back to her, all translated, she erupted.

All smiles, so very proud.

So happy to be understood.

She is good at mimicking sounds, inflections. She isn't saying words as much as she's making sounds.

But she is doing amazing.

I know it can be hard to understand in writing. Here's a (very short) video that shows some of the ways she communicates: through signs, gestures, cute little eye-raises (those are my favorite), and words (or approximations).

We love her to pieces; we are so very proud of her.


Anonymous said...

I love her to pieces happy for her!! Such a big girl! Growing up so fast...hugs and love to Millie!

Laurie said...

Sweet! I miss your kids (and their parents). It's always great to see the progress that Millie makes, the exploration that she does, and the hard work you guys do!