Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the great whale debate

After the girls got bunkbeds, we moved Millie from her under-the-sea-inspired nursery into the girls' room.

I, eventually, then converted her old room into a crafting room, but that didn't last too long before I (we) moved the guest room upstairs and the craft room downstairs. Which, really, is a much better fit for all involved. Now, when we have guests, I really only half to clean half the house, because they stay upstairs with us. Win-win!

I never truly got transformed the room as much as we just swapped out furniture, but it seemed to work OK.

Well, about two weeks ago, after several months (really, years) of discussion, Ray and I committed to purchasing a new bed. We both have some back issues and neither of us has been sleeping well.

It was time.

And we knew that if, and when, we made that leap, that would prompt the repainting and design of the "guest room."

But we kept getting tangled up in the debate of the whale.

Yes, the big whale debate.

I love the whale mural. I'm not sure what specific reason there is. Maybe it's because it's simply beautifully done. Maybe it's because I feel like I helped Ray get it just perfect, as he got stuck a little bit on the shading for a while. Maybe it's because it's a mommy and baby whale. Maybe it's because it's whales, underwater, who communicate in ways beyond speech. Probably, it's a combination of all of these.

But I did not want to let the whales go while Ray believed we should get rid of the whales, when we painted over the other murals, as we would paint it a traditional (boring) khaki or cream, a more grown-up.

So then I suggested we create a fabric wall. I dunno, I saw something on HGTV I think, when you use curtain rods and hang curtain-y sheets or big pieces of fabric of some kind across the walls. This way, the whales would be out of sight, but I could still open the drapes and see them any time I wished.

I think Ray thought this sounded like a lot of ridiculous work (and expense) so he said we should just keep the whales and paint over the rest of the murals. And I was OK with that. I even got out the power-sander myself, sanded them down and got a coat of primer on there, before my parents came up and Dave finished painting the walls for me (and fixed the stroller and the downstairs sink and...) Yes, I'm spoiled. I happily admit that.

Anyhow, I did have to spackle and paint some more, we got the new "whale room" all finished. We ended up getting rid of the old (very old) guest queen bed and replaced it with our older, but not as old, current king-sized bed, which is being replaced with our new bed.

I'm not 100 percent sure the colors all jive. But it was all free. This was all bedding and stuff I've had, I just wasn't using.

The only issue wsa the not-white, but off-gray wierd color bookshelf. It didn't match anything at all. I tried to paint it white but couldn't find the right white in my house, so instead, I just painted the top the same light blue as the walls. I think it works?

I might still need some decor in there. But for now, it's rather perfect.

But not nearly as perfect as "my" room.

My room was a disaster. Seriously.

I don't really hang kids' pictures on our fridge or anything -- it looks so cluttered -- so the girls several years ago began giving them to Ray to hang on "his" wall. And it was cute. For a while. Until it went from three and four pictures to thirty.

Between that and the whole mess of the black table next to the TV that is a hodgepodge of electrical cords and boxes that don't fit, I was ready to just de-clutter and clean the whole room.

Ray created another of his perfect shadow boxes for holding the cable box, DVD player, Wii, etc., which allowed us to put the table elsewhere.

Take down yet save the kids' drawings, add in some fresh touch-upped paint and, of course, the new fancy-pants bed and everything now is just ... perfect.

It's so much better.

And, most importantly, Ray slept better than he has in months last night.

So worth it. 
- Bethany

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Anonymous said...

Very nice...lovely! So glad you like your new bed!