Monday, February 16, 2015

before and after

I honestly laughed out loud when Ray stumbled on this picture the other day.

I can hardly remember our living room ever looking like this. It stresses me out just looking at it.

So. Much. Furniture.

And of course, the paint samples!

The Great Color Debate from 2012 I think it was (thank goodness we didn't go with that light blue!)? When we went through no fewer than 12 different paint samples trying to find the right color for our living room walls.

Yeah those were fun days. Especially when, after about six months worth of rather heated debate, the living room was finally painted, using the perfectly crafted color we spent several sessions perfecting with Home Depot's staff ... only to realize afterward that it was basically the exact same color we used in our bedroom a year or so prior.

Our living room. I love our living room. Our home base.

We added to its decor this past week, when we happily hung a piece that we purchased while on vacation. We wanted something that would blend the outdoors/woodsy/nature feel of the living room with our family pictures from Disney World that hang in the adjacent hallway.

This was the perfect find.

Its colors work perfectly -- and we were so pleased to find that the mat material's color and texture is nearly identical to the cover on our new(er) bench/trunk thing, which sits right below it.

So the living room is complete, once again.

At least temporarily....

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Anonymous said...

It is just perfect! And Grandma is smiling down on you...