Thursday, February 19, 2015

the story behind the hair...

If you happen to be friends with me on Facebook, you likely (maybe) saw a photo of Millie when she was "Princess-fied" at Disney World.

(Translation: when we visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and both she and Lola had their hair and makeup done and put on their matching Elsa gowns so they were all Princess-y.)

Millie looked ... quite different.

And I promised that I'd tell the story at some point.

This is that.

(Photos to follow.)

I occasionally (often) am very nicely warned to tone it down a notch when it comes to the kids. That I should let the kids be kids. That I'm too often straightening their hair, cleaning their clothes, helping too much to direct their activities and funneling them toward what I want them to do instead of what they want to do.

So, while in Florida, I tried to let this go. (I tried. I didn't always succeed, but I did try.)

When it came to the BBB, I let both girls pick what they wanted. Lola wanted blue nails and a blue stripe in her hair, to match her Elsa look, which led her to one of the four available styles. Easy decision. 

Millie was ... just so excited to be there, to be fancied on. It was amazing to just watch her drink it all up, the Fairy Godmothers, the makeup, the nails (there is nothing she likes more than "princess fingers," other than maybe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

Ultimately, Millie is 3 years old. So she indicated to me that she wanted the rainbow-colored hair. Which led her to what they called the "pop princess" style, which is supposed to be rather fun and chaotic (think of pop singers -- right? You get it.).

So I'm taking pictures and having fun and so is Ray. He's watching the girls and we're laughing with some of the visiting characters and having a good time.

Meanwhile, both looks involve hair pieces. And the work for both styles are pretty similar -- braid and bun the girls' real hair, insert hair piece, tease lots and lots of hair, etc.

But whereas Lola's style is eventually coiffed and put in place to create a rather glamorous, very beautiful, polished look, Millie's doesn't do that. Hers is rather wild and crazy, which when combined with the color choice, it looked very ... fun.

At this point, Ray leaned over and whispered (as to not upset Millie), "They're not done yet, right?"

Me, bewildered, "Haha, yes they are."

Ray, insistently, "No, I'm serious. Really."

Me, half-laughing, "Yes, she wanted the 'pop princess' look."

Ray, "But they're going to style it back, like Lola's?"

Me, "No, it's done."

Ray, "She looks like her hair's on fire."

So, yes, for the rest of time, as long as our memories hold strong, this will be the day that Millie was the Girl on Fire.

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