Monday, March 16, 2015

Movie day!

This is a shocker, I know, but we went and saw Cinderella this past weekend.

Although I'm still not sure if we went to see Cinderella or the Frozen Fever short, but either way, we saw both this past weekend.

The Frozen short was adorable. We laughed lots and I thought it was extremely cute. Personally, I loved it, but no surprise there.

Cinderella was enjoyable too. I really liked the first two-thirds or so and there were many great moments. All the acting was well done. There was just one aspect of the ending that rather irked me, but I won't spoil anything. (And to be fair, there was one aspect of the ending that I absolutely loved as well.)

My biggest complaint about the film is that they changed the castle, haha. The girls were both confused and I was just kind of disappointed, though I can understand it. I guess we're just too obsessed with Disney World.  *smile*

Speaking of, we saw a 10- or 15-minute preview of Cinderella when we were down in Florida last month. And then Millie and I got to see the actual carriage that they used in the movie while we were at Hollywood Studios. (Ray and Lola were on Tower of Terror.)

There was one rather funny -- and perhaps a little insulting -- moment in connection with this. Right after we had this photo taken,  we were walking away and a woman stopped me to say that I should go back through line and have Millie's picture taken with the carriage once more, but this time without me in it. Ha. At first I was wondering if I ruined the picture or if I looked terrible or something, but she just meant that the gold in Millie's Anna dress (from Frozen of course) was quite striking next to the golden carriage...She probably wasn't wrong, but no, we did not wait in line again.

Memories. Great memories...

It was such a great trip.

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