Friday, March 13, 2015

Through her eyes

This is what Lola presented to us earlier this week, her own vision of Disney World.

The castle of course takes center stage, with a rainbow in the background, and our family standing nearby, two of us on either side.

But it's the tree that makes me smile. (Well, all of it makes me smile, but the tree is extra-special.)

If you ask Lola what her favorite ride at Disney was/is, her answer comes without hesitation, "The yeti ride."

The yeti ride, or more accurately Expedition Everest, is the roller-coaster at Animal Kingdom. It was a particularly treasured experience for Lola because she wasn't tall enough to ride it when we went the first time, in 2013. Of course, it was on that trip that we learned our rather timid daughter, despite being afraid of many things and experiences, loves thrill rides, roller-coasters especially.

So in anticipation of this last trip, Ray was measuring her frequently, just to see if she'd be tall enough for it and once we knew she would, she was able to watch many, many videos of other riders' experiences.

To say that she was looking forward to this ride would be an understatement.

But finally, that day came.

This was a picture of Lola and Ray before they went on the Yeti ride. All excited and ready to go.

This was Lola during the ride, on the big drop (thanks to Disney's photo services of course).

It makes me laugh every time.

(For the record, she went on the ride at least a half-dozen times, loving it each and every time.)

Anyhow, back to the picture. Animal Kingdom's icon is the Tree of Life and Animal Kingdom is now Lola's most favorite Disney park, not because of the animals, but simply because that's where the Yeti ride is. (It also doesn't hurt that Animal Kingdom is currently developing a "Avatar" land, based off the movie, which also happens to be Lola's most favorite movie, or "the blue people movie," as she calls it.)

So, now, all her pictures of Disney World have now evolved from castles and princesses to trees and roller-coasters.

And it makes me smile.

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Grandma has HUGE smile too!