Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's in a name?

It started with Lola. It always seems to start with Lola.

We were excited first-time-parents-to-be when we came up with the idea of a nursery "theme" (the outdoors). Ray excitedly got to work, painting all sorts of beautiful touches to what was Lola's first nursery, in the apartment.

He capped it off with a set of three butterflies who circled around Lola's name. signifying Mom, Dad and Baby.

When we moved into our house he went even further, creating a room infused with very bright, bold colors.The highlight at that time (before he added the Disney characters) was Lola's name, which he spelled out by creating giant-sized building blocks of sorts.

When it came to Millie's nursery, Ray did such an amazing job on the fish and the whales that we simply decided to paint wooden letters, to not compete with his artwork.

But then, about a year ago, Millie moved in with Lola.

And everything got complicated.

We talked about converting Lola's middle name into Millie's, but that would be difficult.

We tossed out several other ideas too, but nothing stuck.

Meanwhile, Ray painted Elsa and Anna, since the girls are so Frozen-obsessed.

And then I got a Cricut Explore. And discovered the fun of vinyl.

Soon, I realized, Ha, I could do this myself.

And since Millie is more Frozen-crazy than her older sister, it only make sense to let it snow.

So there it is. After about a year of room-sharing, we finally got Millie's name on the wall.

And she is thrilled.


Anonymous said...

Super cute! The creative gene from your Grandma Norgaard!

Jean said...

Your creative side is blooming! I love the way you did Millie's name!