Wednesday, April 15, 2015

catching up...

We were sitting down to dinner last night, in a bit of a rush because Lola had to be at gymnastics 45 minutes early for a group photo. So things weren't going as smoothly as they could have been.

Lola sat at her seat and sighed, "I wish I had orange juice."

And she was not-harshly reprimanded, just told that she shouldn't just "wish" for things to happen but, you know, actually get up and get them herself. Or, short of that, ask someone nicely to help her.

Ray went to get the orange juice while I suggested, again not meanly but perhaps somewhat firmly, that Lola should maybe consider getting a cup down to help her father out.

She sighed again, this time more loudly.

Millie was sitting next to her at the table and hit a button on her talker, "I am so lucky to have such a nice family."

I think it just might have been her first sarcastic statement.

We all laughed and the mood lightened, appropriately.


Life has been in transition, as we prepare for our changes coming at the end of the month, so forgive the lack of updates here. Between busy weekends and other happenings, I've just not had a lot of time to write here.

But the countdown is surely on, as I'm in my single-digit countdown of days left of work.

Ray has been  busy working at constructing my new garden! I'm so excited -- he did an amazing job, I think. Exactly what we wanted.

We can't really plant yet, of course, but he will soon start his crazy summertime hours so it was nice to get a jump on it.

I took the girls to their first-ever college tennis match last weekend. My old team was in town playing the local college team so I briefly visited with my old coach.

And the girls got to watch some doubles action.

And then, later in the weekend, we went and saw "Honk," the musical, a version of The Ugly Duckling. The girls loved it.

Did you catch that I had three little girls with me?

Yeah, so the Minnie Mouse...

Millie got her as a gift at Christmastime, and while she always liked her, she was never really obsessed with her or anything -- until last week. Now she won't go anywhere without her.

It is complicating my already-difficult daycare drop-offs even further. 

But it's also pretty dang adorable.

The other day, for Sunday School, I needed to find my confirmation photo (long story.) While digging around for it, I found an old box of Bethany things, from my own childhood, including a few large boxes of Barbie accessories.

Now the dolls themselves, those aren't that novel for the girls, as I frequently let them play with my old Barbies, but I've never before broken out the boxes of accessories and clothes, mainly because they've been too little to be careful with the itty bitty shoes and everything else.

In retrospect, I should have probably waited until the boredom that will come this summer, but, well, I'm impatient.

So I let them at it.
Lola was speechless.

Well, only for a few minutes.

As she opened each box and explored each outfit, she hit octaves only dogs can hear.

"You are the most awesome Mommy in the entire whole world!" she cried.

OK, win. I'll take that any day.

She's pretty special, that Lola.
She's growing up more every day. And while I kind of, sort of regret the giant mess she made in the living room, it was worth it, not only for the amount of excitement she had, but more so for the experiences we shared, as we dressed and undressed dozens of Barbies.

We're all looking forward to a fun summer.

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Love, Love this Column!! Gosh..I had tears I was laughing so hard at the first part!!