Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Princess sisters

I think Millie is starting to "get" it.

Yesterday, she understood that she wasn't going to her "friends school" (daycare) but I think she just figured it was a special day.

It was today, after "Jesus school" (preschool) that she put it together.

I told her I had a special friend in the car -- and then very quickly amended that to say that Mustang was in the car, lest she think I thought a Grandma or Grandpa with me.

She immediately got excited and signed, asking if we were going home.

And I said yes. And then asked if that was OK, or would she rather go to "friends school."

But she didn't hear me, she was already three-fourths of the way down the hallway.


Myself, I'm doing quite well, just two days in.

I have to learn to stay less busy I think. I overdid it, yesterday and today, thanks in large part to a new furniture project. But there are a few things that I have long wanted to get done.

This morning, finally, I was able to finish a mini project for the girls' room.

I wanted to make a photo collection for them from their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience at Disney World, when they were transformed into mini Elsas. I had considered making them their own photo book or scrapbook, but the photos fit their bedroom theme so nicely...

So I dug out some unused frames and got to work.

Every time I see this photo, I hear Oprah's voice, shouting,
"You're an Elsa, you're an Elsa, even Minnie's an Elsa!"

This was taken after two young ladies (mid-teens) stopped
and asked Lola if they could take their picture with her.
It was a special moment for her, since just a few minutes earlier
another young woman had stopped Millie ("The Girl on Fire") and
asked if she could take her picture with her and have her autograph.
It was just really nice that both girls had a "celebrity" experience
so no one felt bad or funny about it at all, if that makes any sense.

Plus, you know, all Princesses wear tennis shoes.  :)

 A pressed penny Lola saved from the trip.
(I can't believe we haven't lost it yet.)

Millie saw it when she came home a bit ago -- and loved it.

I'm excited to see Lola's reaction this afternoon....

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! So cool! Great job! Miss Crafty..