Friday, April 24, 2015

last day of work.

I go from excitement to fear in a moment's notice.

I'm happy and sad. And anxious and thrilled.

I did my nails last night, to work out some nervous energy. 
(For those not in News, - 30 -  was used by reporters to mark the end of an article.)

Just a little bit longer...

I keep trying to write my "last" (at least for now) article.

My mind drifts.

I save too many emails. My "happy notes" folder has 184 messages. 

Like this one:
Wow, you did an amazing job on my story today! I really appreciate all the
work you put into it, and I'm sure the (university) would approve. I have to tell
you, I've been interviewed quite a few times about my story--both print and
televised, and your interview was one of the most enjoyable I've ever had.
You did an incredible amount of research beforehand, asked knowledgeable
questions about the technical aspects of the treatment (I know how
complicated this stuff is), and laid it out beautifully on the paper! I hope
your employers know what a great reporter they have!

That particular email was written by a young man with cancer. Sadly, he has since passed on.

My job (I mean reporting in general -- I'm not speaking specifically about my current-but-not-for-much-longer employer) has had its challenges, its occasional frustrations.

But it's also brought me great joy and I was able to meet hundreds of amazingly talented and inspirational people.

I'll miss it. Even though I'm also excited for the next chapter.

So, yeah.


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Anonymous said...

You are a remarkable woman and I couldn't be more proud of you! You have brightened so many lives and you give so much of yourself. I wish this next chapter to be everything you hope it can be. I love you...your mom