Wednesday, May 27, 2015

picture post!

Just some random shots taken over the last month or so...

Our first trip of the year to the lakeside Dairy Queen in town.
And since Lola's a lot like me in that she can't eat ice cream
without getting it everywhere, I turned her into a Who.  * smile *

Boat fun. The funniest part of this was that we "took the boat out"
for the first time of the year in early April, during a remarkable warm stretch.
 We got to the boat launch and found that it wasn't even open yet.
lol. We turned around and came back. Ha. 


Home with Mommy in her first few days of not working. 


 Ms. Hollywood.

Working at home with Mommy.

Strawberries in the park. 

Ms. Hollywood, take 2. 

 Mommy and Millie. 
We are loving our time together. All day every day.

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Anonymous said...

Love, Love, LOVE! I could look at these all day!